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Albuquerque New Mexico Native American Design

Albuquerque Native American Design - Nativo Lodge

Nativo Lodge reawakens the imaginative spirit of the adventurous traveler searching for a unique hotel experience reflective of the property's regional location. Nativo Lodge will pay homage to the rich and vibrant culture while integrating the modern elements of the City. Nativo Lodge represents a rebirth of Albuquerque hospitality originality and will provide a cutting edge hotel experience - a celebration of Native culture, talent, creativity in a new environment.

Albuquerque Hotel Exterior -

Guests arriving at Nativo Lodge drive past colorfully designed wood totem pole sculptures that line the entrance. The exterior of the hotel is designed to reflect historical traditions. Architectural detailing is rich in cultural symbolism but modern in expression. The hotel is illuminated with neon elements and exciting lighting schemes.

Albuquerque Hotel Grand Lobby -

The Nativo Grand Lobby combines highly original design elements with classic historical detailing. History, art, electronics, vibrant colors and neon lighting are combined to achieve a stunning effect. The Grand Lobby is pure theater with computerized elements integrating with pine-bundled wood columns soaring five stories, river rock stone details, stunning art, rich colors and hand crafted artistic elements.
Caramel colored walls are accented with ocher, brown and red accent colors. Renowned Hopi artist Gregory Lomayesva has created a series of beautiful hand carved and painted wood panels and architectural elements throughout the Grand Lobby. The Grand Lobby is a place designed for gathering, people watching, reading, listening to music, game playing, or social interaction. Within the Grand Lobby the hotel bar provides a fun and intimate environment for guests. The Grand Lobby provides a multitude of spaces for pursuing the simple pleasures of life.
Grand Lobby Shaman at Nativo Lodge, New Mexico

Albuquerque Hotel Nativo Lodge Shaman -

This spectacular 14-foot tall sculpture of an Indian Shaman was created by Horacio Cordova. The respected shaman was sought as the wise visionary able to foresee the future and alter the outcome of events. The figures illustrated on the shaman, part of Cordova's work, Destino Humano (Human Destiny), tells a story rich with the provocative tale of human's ancestral heritage.

Albuquerque Hotel Guestrooms -

Nativo Lodge guestrooms are exquisitely designed. A striking Navajo Chief blanket style carpet design covers the floor of each guestroom. Artwork includes stunning historical Native American photography and beautiful basketry. Guestroom beds are luxurious with the highest quality bedding, fabrics and pillows for a restful experience. As is custom in Native American tradition, dream catchers are placed above the guest bed to filter the stress of the day and provide guests with a restful sleeping experience.

Albuquerque Dining at Spirit Wind Cafe -

Hotel guests dine in the eclectic western-style Spirit Winds restaurant, which features a stylish decor. Beautiful ocher colored walls, votive candle lighting, Gregory Lomayesva designed lighting and decorative elements. Spirit Winds provides cuisine inspired by the Native American culture and accented with regional staples of corn, beans, squash and chile. Food presentations are stylish and modern.
Outdoor Pool at Nativo Lodge, New Mexico

Albuquerque Pool Lounge and Tee Pee -

The beautiful indoor/outdoor pool provides guest with a variety of options depending on the season. The pool lounge contains a beautiful stacked-stone wall and relaxing basket weave chaise lounges. A curtain separates the pool lounge from the outside spaces and is left open in warmer temperatures. An attractive exercise area adjoins the pool lounge. A large-scale traditional tepee is outdoors and in features a hookah lounge inside for an East meets West feel (open seasonally). The teepee provides an interesting opportunity for hotel guests to experience the past.

Nativo Lodge Contributing Artists -

The following artists contributed to the design and concept of Nativo Lodge. As the hotel evolves, more artists will be involved in upcoming exhibitions and installations. See our Facebook page for the latest details.

Gregory Lomayesva -
Created carved decorative elements throughout the hotel lobby and restaurant.

Robert Mirabal -

Helped with the original design concept of the hotel and is featured in the lobby music.

Horacio Cordova -
Native New Mexican artist created Nativo lobby 14-foot shaman called Destino Humano (Human Destiny).

Jaque Fragua -
Contributed to the website illustrative artwork and will be developing future artwork at Nativo Lodge.