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nativo lodge quiz

Is Nativo Lodge Right for Me?

Take the quiz and find out - your answer may surprise you! Your choices are True = "Totally Me" or False = "Not Me At All"

* All answers are required to generate your results - so have fun and get to it!
Totally MeNot Me At All
  • Free WiFi is essential for me to thrive. 

  • I like to support locally-owned businesses.

  • I hate fresh air.

  • I'm curious about the evolution of Native American art.

  • I enjoy cubicles.

  • I read the phone book for pleasure.

  • I contribute to worthy causes.

  • My favorite flavor is unflavored.

  • I like cool places to chill out.

  • I detest all kinds of music.

  • I love taking photos/videos of creative spaces.

  • Clear is my favorite color.