Contemporary Indigenous: Protection & Eternity

My life in layers, my journey is a continuous weaving of teachings from my grandparents, parents, culture, our history, people I've met and experiences... for better or worse, it is me weaving the past with my present into the future. Because of that, no matter where I am, how much I miss the rez, the land... I will always be home.
This is the way.

There are three different sized wooden panels, "Eternity Weavings", fixed onto the walls in room 406. One is located to your right as you walk into the room, the second one is the largest panel in the bathroom and the third one is in the main room on the east wall in the center of the arrowheads. They are a continuation of a sort, paintings that'll always shift and change as it needs to be. Whether it is as simple as a signature, a scribble, a poem, a favorite lyric, a drawing, a painting.  I invite you to convey your personal expression onto them.

Roberta Begaye                                                              
I come from a family of medicine, and I weave paintings.
I am the Bitterwater clan, Tódích'íi'nii.
I am born for the Zuni-Edgewater clan, Naasht'ézhi Tábaahá.
Maternal grandparents: Towering House clans, Kiyaa'áanii.
Paternal grandparents:  Bitterwater clans, Tódích'íi'nii.
Five Fingered Earth Surface person.
Nahoka Dine'h Bi'la ashdlaa'ii'.