THE HOLY MTN ROOM - Tour Room 422

The Holy MTN Room. 

Santo. Santo. Santo. Santo.

Build a Fire.

Interpreting a dream from long ago in a galaxy very close to here: From the Holy MTN, a Santo comes down from the peaks speaking forth the vision from the well-spring of loving and living. He confronts and battles the false enriched, exchanging knowledge amongst the weary of heart on his travels to the stars and above-world. Energy, peaking and plummeting beyond ones and zeroes. Sit in this room, meditate, breathe, eat fast food, drink water, shop online, watch TV, do what you do, but become aware where you are in this town that was built on blood next to a river that goes to the ocean which takes that energy with the tides all over the world. And this town is under the mountain where there one day will be a prophet shouting from its peak.