Michelle Lowden Artist Room

Experience Art Like Never Before

Native American contemporary artists transform guestrooms into large scale installation works of art.

Nativo Lodge's artist rooms offer our guests a very unique experience unlike any other hotel in Albuquerque, NM. Most people experience art in galleries or museum settings. Guests in these artists rooms get to sleep in a room that is an art piece in itself. These artist guest rooms are designed by contemporary Native American artists. The artwork in the rooms is deeply rooted in cultural traditions but is expressed in surprising ways. Take your hotel visit to another level by renting out one of our unique artist guest rooms.
Sunrise Blessings

Sunrise Blessings By Lynnette Haozous

This space pays respect to the sacred connection of women to earth and the water. It is influenced by Lynnette Haozous' Chiricahua Apache, Dine’, Taos Pueblo heritage. Learn More.
Reflection Infinite By Joeseph Arnoux


Joeseph Arnoux shares his Piikani (Blackfeet) and sp’q’n’i (Spokane) heritage in this room showing landscape and a surprising moral. Learn More.
Essence of Life By Garrett Etsitty

Essence of Life by Garrett Etsitty

In Dine' Culture, the humming bird represents the Essence of Life. This room represents Mother Earth, the world today, energy and motivation. Learn More.


The visual representations in this artist room allow for art to introduce Lakota philosophy and ideas in a format that is not limited to the definition of words of one language. Learn More.
Mountains Flower By Andrea Vargas-Mendoza

Mountain Flower by Andrea Vargas-Mendoza

Mountain Flower pays homage to nature’s beauty from the top of a sacred mesa called Dzil Na’oodillii, which is located on the soil of the Dine (Navajo) nation. Learn more.
Winds of Change by Jay Smiley

Winds of Change by Jay Smiley

“Winds of Change” illustrates the power wind carries as well as its significance in Navajo creation stories. Jay attempts to capture the characteristics of wind; flow, rhythm, movement, color, spontaneity, softness, excitement, aggression and love. Learn more.
Sustenance By Warren Montoya

Sustenance By Warren Montoya

The story of this mural tells of the link between the pueblo person and the mule deer, between the human and source of our sustenance. Learn more.
Apsaalooke' By Del Curfman

Apsaalooke' By Del Curfman

The Apsaalooke’ Room incorporates the Great Plains narrative, traditional Apsaalooke’ imagery, and a historical recollection into an inviting room full of nostalgic images and bold, brilliant colors. Learn more.
Painting the Underworld Sky By Mateo Romero


This room is structured around several fundamental elements of Rio Grande Pueblo dance culture. Learn more.
Loma Qatsi - A Good Life By Duane Koyawena

LOMA QATSI - A GOOD LIFE By Duane Koyawena

This room celebrates the Hopi way of life and its historical roots grounded in morals based on respect, collaboration, reciprocity, and taking initiative. Learn more.
Artist Night Dance (Angk'wa) By Orlando Allison

Night Dance (Angk'wa) by Orlando Allison

This room speaks to the Angk’wa ceremonies during the observation of Osomuya in Hopi villages during late February and early March. Learn more.
Arrival/Departure By Cloudface

Arrival/Departure by Cloudface

Arrival/Departure shares the cycle of seasons and blessings brought by hummingbirds. Learn more.
New Seasons By Peterson Yazzi

New Seasons by Peterson Yazzi

This room is a visual melody of beauty through color and motion. Yazzie's painting literally starts with a splash of paint sparked by an idea, the rest is completed with intuition and experimentation. Learn more.
The Gift of a New Dawn By Estella Loretto

The Gift of a New Dawn by Estella Loretto

Estella Loretto is currently the only Native American woman working in monumental bronze sculpting and is considered to be one of the finest sculptors/artists living today. Estella's genuine spiritual nature defines her commitment to integrity. Her art is contemporary, serene and very spiritual. Learn more.
Directed by Rose B. Simpson

Directed by Rose B. Simpson

Rose's room is a prayer. Each portrait displayed on the walls creates a space of blessing, guidance and protection. During your stay, take a moment to identify your path with the protection, support, passion and blessing in your commitment. Learn more.
All Direction Protection By Randy Barton Contemporary Native American Art

All Direction Protection by Randy Barton

Randy's artwork is a visual tool meant for educating, and his work explores the teachings from Navajo creation stories. His art installation brings the Earth Surface People in touch with paintings of Diyin Dine'e' (the Holy People).  In All Direction Protection, Randy incorporates iconic symbols that represents ancient knowledge. Learn more.
Blue Day, Visit to the Pueblo Artist Room by Geraldine Tso

Blue Day, Visit to the Pueblo by Geraldine Tso

This room is about visiting the pueblo with family and friends. Even though Geraldine considers herself to be self taught, she studied formally at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and UNM, Gallup, New Mexico. Learn more.
Sunset's Reflection By Michelle Lowden

Sunset's Reflection by Michelle Lowden

The color scheme of Michelle's room aims to interpret the sunsets of the southwest and the design pattern help reflect elements of mother nature. The room radiates positive energy and is meant for finding the beauty in the day-to-day life. Learn more.
#1NDN Artist Guest Room By Ishkoten Dougi

#1NDN by Ishkoten Dougi

#1NDN Artist Room is a reflection of NDN art being sent to the future to earmark time. Ishkoten Dougi does art for the future of native art and for a foothold in history for his bloodline of Jicarilla Apache and Navajo to reach beyond the future of today's understanding of the American Indian.  Learn more.
Love Movement by Jaque Fragua

Love Movement by Jaque Fragua

Explore Jaque's room as a unified vision. The wall is a deep charcoal splashed with gold paint. The repeating pattern done in pink surrounds the entire room, and is based on  pre-Columbian Mesoamerican pottery designs from the San Juan basin. Learn more.
Keeva by Ehren Kee Natay at Nativo Lodge Graffiti Artist Room

Keeva by Ehren Kee Natay

The Keeva is a dwelling that was created to pay homage to the creative source, as well as comics and cartoons. Ehren's art honors traditions and spirits of this dimension and beyond. Learn more.
Question: (Material) culture by Heidi K. Brandow Nativo Lodge Artist Guest Room

Question: (Material) culture by Heidi Brandow

Heidi is a painter whose work commonly portrays personalities found in poetry and personal reflections. (Material) culture is a project that extends beyond the boundaries of this room as the artist explores human relationships to objects. Learn more.
Creation at Dawn By Nanibah Chacon

Creation at Dawn by Nanibah Chacon

The imagery on the walls incorporate three elements: the woman, the Chiefs blanket design and bluebirds. The design of the woman depicts "First Woman" or "Changing Woman." In Navajo creation stories both of the women gave birth or conceived at day, thus creating life and a lineage to the world as we know it. Discover more.
Hozho by Rhett Lynch Contemporary Naive American Art

Hozho by Rhett Lynch

Rhett's prayer tie painting above the bed offers prayers of gratefulness and peace to guests of the room who will sleep under this painting. Learn more.

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