Artist Rooms

Experience Art Like Never Before at the Artsiest Hotel in America

Contemporary Native American artists transform guestrooms into large scale installation works of art

Nativo Lodge's artist rooms offer guests an experience unlike any other lodging in Albuquerque, NM. Most people experience art in galleries or museum settings. Our guests can sleep in a room that is an art piece in itself. These rooms are designed by contemporary Native American artists with artwork deeply rooted in cultural traditions but expressed in surprising ways.

Discover each of the Artist Guest Rooms at our Albuquerque boutique hotel to see why we've been named the "#1 Artsiest Hotel in America" by World Property Journal!


Creation at Dawn

Room By Nanibah Chacon

From the Artist: The imagery on the wall incorporates three elements, the woman; the Chiefs blanket design and the bluebirds. The woman depicted in the design is to be a representation of “First Woman” or “Changing Woman.” In Navajo creation stories both of these women gave birth or conceived at dawn, thus giving life and lineage to the world as we know it. The incorporation of the chiefs blanket design is the representation of First... Read More


Room By Rose B. Simpson

From the Artist: Rose’s room is a prayer. Each portrait on the three walls is creating a space of blessing, guidance and protection. The west wall features a self-portrait, surrounded by clouds that represent the rain that brings nurturing and nourishment. The north wall is a portrait of Razelle Benally, of Lakota and Navajo descent. She is surveying the room with concern, care and safeguarding. The south wall is a portrait of Yolanda Smith... Read More


Room By Rhett Lynch

From the Artist: Prayers: (above bed) There are two things humans naturally do perfectly yet, are unique to the individual, laughter and prayer. When someone starts to emulate a laugh or a prayer of another they become lost to themselves. The painting "Prayers" belongs to the viewer, as a sunset, a bird chirping, or a dream touches someone. It is a very personal experience much like a laugh of a prayer itself. The only offering I can give to... Read More

Love Movement

Room By Jaque Fragua

From the Artist: Jaque’s room is a unified vision. The wall is a deep charcoal splashed with gold paint. There is a repeating pattern done in pink that surrounds the entire room. The design pattern is based on pre-Columbian Mesoamerican pottery designs from the San Juan basin (New Mexico today). Jaque researched this pottery design at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC, and brought the idea back to incorporate it in his artist... Read More


Room By Ehren Kee Natay

From the Artist: Avanyu, a Tewa deity, the guardian of water. She is depicted as a horned, feathered, water serpent. Avanyu is often depicted in pottery and petroglyph designs. Ehren’s Avanyu is reminiscent of a Yakuza Japanese style of design. The Buffalo Dance is a ceremonial dance that has been uniquely adapted by each pueblo. Ehren’s Buffalo Dancer is in the pueblo of Pojoaque style. The room also contains a metallic photograph of Ehren... Read More

About the Guest Room:

Objectification is the process by which people assign meaning to things, people, places, activities and the like. Thus objects become part of cultural constructions which inform and guide people’s behavior. “(Material) culture” is a project that extends beyond the boundaries of this room as the artist explores human relationships to objects. The chair, as depicted throughout the space, serves as a visual instrument in further understanding the constructs of how... Read More

Winds of Change

Room By Jay Smiley

From the Artist: “Winds of Change” illustrates the power wind carries as well as its significance in Navajo creation stories. Originally another subject was in mind, but when Jay entered the room he was asked to paint, the wind coming off the Sandias was strong that morning; blowing through the room, his thoughts became about the wind. Around the room Jay attempts to capture the characteristics of wind; flow, rhythm, movement, color,... Read More

Indigenous Time

Room By Colleen Gorman

From the Artist: (Description provided in a clockwise motion) Spiderwoman String Theory Spiderwoman is at the threshold outreaching to the Universe and casts a web of Time. Eagle plume is an ancient symbol of faith. Dimensions going into different dimensions make webs of reality. Time is an Entity. Sandpainting outline design on 2018 March Universe Study. The fabric of Time and Space cast. The Milky Way is a Tree of Life. Milky Way... Read More

Mountain Flower

Room By Andrea Vargas Mendoza

From the Artist: Mountain Flower speaks of a place where dreams and passions are carried by the wind and ascend to the clouds.  Mountain Flower pays homage to nature’s beauty from the top of a sacred mesa called Dzil Na’oodillii, which is located on the soil of the Dine (Navajo) nation. She is a spectacular mountain range that is surrounded by the company of the yellow Greenthread flowers, and visited by soft Grey... Read More

If You Believe

Room By Michael Toya

From the Artist: Say-uh-mah (greetings), “If You Believe,” depicts popular culture icons intertwined with traditional Puebloan interpretations of design which influences and teaches the viewer about  what Pueblo people believe in. Often than not, these beliefs are transformed into powerful designs and traditional markings, in which you witness throughout the installation, that give the pueblo people strength, courage, and confidence... Read More

Mitakuye Oasin

Room By Alexis Estes

From the Artist: “Everything on earth is known as Wamakaskan Oyate, the living beings of the earth. The universe is known as Wicahpi Oyate, the star nation. These two represent the beings of the earth and the beings of the universe. For every creation there is on earth, there is another in the universe. Mitakuye Oasin, we are all related.” This quotation is the main philosophy inspiring the designs of this artist room installation. The... Read More

Essence of Life

Room By Garrett Etsitty

From the Artist: I painted this room with good intentions thinking about my elders how they use to say, "life is beautiful, do your best to stay lifted and grounded." When I was 16, I caught a humming bird and my grandpa said, "make an offering and wish to be swift like the humming bird." I grabbed corn pollen sprinkled it on the humming bird and caught the remains under my hand. It flew out of my hands and I watched it fly with good... Read More

All Direction Protection

Room By Randy Barton

From the Artist: Randy’s artwork is a visual tool meant for educating. He explores the teachings from Navajo creation stories to remind himself of how to find the answers & solutions to life's problems.

 The foundation of all Randy’s recent paintings derives from Navajo healing ceremonies, therefore the beauty way & protection way can be found in every one of his pieces, as well as in his signature. In All Direction... Read More


By Joeseph Arnoux

In this room, the landscape stretches to engulf the viewer’s imagination. With the sun rising in the East, it blankets Chief Mountain which rises tallest on the North wall. Chief Mountain is a sacred site located on the Piikani (Blackfeet Nation) reservation in Montana. Down by the river on the West wall is a portrait of a Salishan (Spokane) man traditionally fishing. To the South stands a grizzly bear who has caught a salmon. In this... Read More

Sunset's Reflection

Room By Michelle "Milo" Lowden

From the Arist: The room's color aims to interpret the sunsets of the southwest and the design pattern help reflect elements of mother nature. The room radiates positive energy and is meant for finding the beauty in the day-to-day life that is often taken for granted. When the sun sets she wants each guest to embrace each day with a thankful outlook on life. Read More

Sunrise Blessings

Room By Lynnette Haozous

From the Artist: Welcome to Sunrise Blessings. This space was created to pay respect to the sacred connection of women to earth, the water, and honor this sacred feminine-life force connection. This dwelling also pays respect to my three tribes, (Chiricahua Apache, Dine’, Taos Pueblo). My tribal influences are reflected in the designs and imagery. The arrowhead blesses the entry way, creating positive energy and protection for... Read More

New Seasons

New Mexico Artist Guestroom By Peterson Yazzie

From the Artist: I started this room with a splash of paint based on the idea of a new season. I am amazed by the beauty of nature and how life thrives from season to season. The beautiful smell of rain during the monsoon, the change in sunlight patterns in autumn and the changing colors of leaves all remind me of different times in my life. The return of song birds in spring is a gentle reminder of a new season. I... Read More

Across the Universe

Room By Amanda Beardsley

From the Artist: “Across The Universe,” depicts an elegant girl observing the Cosmos with her cats. The style of this artist room in Albuquerque is unique in that it contains cultural motifs with pop culture imagery, graffiti media, anime designs, and my original conceptual ideas. I incorporate these subjects into the room because I feel that I can manipulate my emotions into my painting and make it enjoyable for everyone. I... Read More


Room By Ishkoten Dougi

From the Artist: This room is a fine art painting/installation painted by Ishkoten Dougi, Jicarilla Apache/Navajo, Institute of American Art Alumnus. #1NDN Artist Room is a reflection of NDN art being sent to the future to earmark time with a physical landmark that will stand until the end of time. Nativo Lodge as given me a chance to do just that. To send my reputable art into the future for all people of all race and age will enjoy the... Read More

Weaving Wonderland

Room By Leandra Yazzie

From the Artist: My grandmother and aunt are known weavers, who are still practicing the intricate traditional skill. Being raised with these female role models and observing them weave, inspired the idea for this mural. When I was young, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother and her colorful world of weaving. When I stayed with her, I would fall asleep to the steady thumping of the weaving comb and the sound still remains... Read More

The Gift of a New Dawn

Room By Estella Loretto

From the Artist: "The Gift of a New Dawn" Honoring the Sunrise Bringing Early Morning Blessings Celebrating a New Day With morning prayer, in Positive Mediation about our Journey, or Goals, and Dreams Enjoying and celebrating our lives With Gratitude and Kindness - Estella Loretto Read More

Heavy Influence

Room By Douglas Miles

From the Artist: In New Mexico (and Arizona) the influence of Native American people is felt and seen on almost all aspects of the community.  Whether governance, farming, canal building, art or  architecture, Native innovation is never ending. Nativo Lodge takes the rich Native American art tradition turning it into an opportunity showcase for Native Artists. It also shares the heavy influence of Native art and architecture... Read More

Blue Day, Visit to the Pueblo

Room By Geraldine Tso

From the Artist: "This hotel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico is about visiting the pueblo with family and friends. Dine, the people, traveling together, on a nice cool day. Visiting and socializing, with Pueblo families. Colorful blankets, keeping them warm from a long journey along the northern New Mexico landscape. The striking red chile peppers are a trademark of the Southwest. New Mexico is known for its chile,... Read More


Room By Waya Gary Keene

From the Artist: Originally the thought I had about this mural was to separate the couple with the man on the left and the woman on the right. I started painting the day after Valentine’s Day and wanted to continue with the feeling of love. Recent current violent events (mass shootings) where families were disrupted, were a big factor in bringing the couple together in the mural. We need to be loving to ourselves, our mates,... Read More


New Mexico Artist Guestroom By Cloudface

From the Artist: Arrival/Departure is about the cycle of the seasons and the blessing brought by hummingbirds. Hummingbirds bring with them the warmth and abundance of the spring and summer. They protect their territory while simultaneously showing their strength and beauty. Hummingbirds also warn us of the coming cold with their departure, telling us it's time to prepare for the winter ahead. Even though they... Read More

Beauty is in Her

Room By A. Thompson

From the Artist: Simple and exquisite. Beauty is what you are when I gaze upon you. Beauty is what you give me each and every day. It has built me. It has completed me. It has paved a way every single day for me to be strong. Perfect with imperfections. Beauty is in her smile. Beauty is in her eyes. Beauty is in her hands and in her style. Beauty she is, when she stands to stare into the unknown to face all odds. She is the... Read More

Night Dance (Angk'wa)

Room By Orlando Allison

From the Artist: During late February and early March the Hopi villages observe Osomuya, the moon in which our spirit friends the Katsinam visit our villages to celebrate life in our kivas. Hopi call the ceremonies Angk’wa (night dance). Night Dance is a rendition of ancient songs the spirits dance to and our hearts beat with unraveling a tapestry of Hopi stories about a far away time in places before our world where the hyper... Read More

A Fourth World Life

Room By the Edd Sisters

From the Artists: This space at our hotel in downtown Albuquerque embodies Diné traditions of storytelling particularly in the creation story and epistemological beliefs, incorporating three fundamental elements of the land/earth, rainbows, and several motifs of Navajo storytelling. Informed by ongoing movements of Indigenous resurgence, we have centered the land and Diné cosmology on the center wall. We have thoughtfully... Read More

Loma Qatsi - A Good Life

Room By Duane Koyawena

From the Artist: Hopi is a way of life, and the people have remained in Northern Arizona since time immemorial serving as stewards of the land. The Hopi life has historical roots grounded in morals based on respect, collaboration, reciprocity, and taking initiative. Hopi is lived by giving reverence to all things living in this world, with wishes for all to live free of pain and suffering through peace and harmony. Hopi is a... Read More

Harmony of Cycles

Room By Dylan Tenorio

From the Artist: The cyclic motion of our Universe decorates the interior of this room just as it does with the surrounding environments of this ever-changing land. On one side we are caressed by the solitude of night, and on the other we are guided by prayerful dawn. Through this painting I hope to bring forth many teachings from my grandmother Beatrice, one who lived so closely to the Earth’s motions. Read More

Painting the Underworld Sky

Room By Mateo Romero

From the Artist: The plaza at dawn...the drum beats from inside the kiva...pinon smoke rises into the chanting tewa verses.... Dancers emerge from the doorway...deer bouncing impatiently...buffalo striding forward in structured lines... male to female, old to young... Singers with sacred paint on there faces drumming... low drumbeats rumbling... the dance begins.... It is ceremony. Read More

Where Fire is Born

Room By Jeanette Rocha

From the Artist: The designs and symbols in this room commemorate the Araro Jóskua, the place where the P’urhepecha fire surges. It's a space that evokes and honors the inner light and ancestral memory.  For us P’urhepecha, many of our stories begin with the stars. The Araro Jóskua, or Orion constellation, depicted on the south wall, is an important gathering of stars. It is the place of our ancestors, where our fire rises... Read More


Room By Del Curfman

From the Artist: The Apsaalooke’ Room incorporates the Great Plains narrative, traditional Apsaalooke’ (Crow Nation of Montana) imagery, and a historical recollection into an inviting room full of nostalgic images and bold, brilliant colors. Guests should be propelled into the great plains of eastern Montana and achieve an experience of a different culture, a different time, and a different geological space. Read More

Rest and Rise

Room By Jodie Herrera

From the Artist: This room was created in honor of the sacred feminine. The ancient symbols of the moon, triangle and circle are present to welcome the mother spirit. As grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and sisters, it is our time to navigate. There will be many directions, but if we guide with love, all directions will lead to the betterment of our collective future. This is represented by the arrows and posture of Zitkála-Šá. Her hand... Read More


Room By Warren Montoya

From the Artist: This installation is an interpretive reflection of a historic life-way of the Pueblo (Native American) people residing in the Rio Grande basin. The traditional task of hunting that takes place during the fall and winter seasons of the year is a considerable ceremony, one that is not only acknowledged as being a main source of food but also a deeper connection to the transference of energy that must take place for hun (the... Read More


Room By J. NiCole

From the Artist: This room is showing recognition to women rising and our future generation. Each portrait is based on women that have inspired me, because they make a stand for what they believe in and for their communities. I want people to feel empowered, happy, love, and strength when they stay in this room. Joann Kauffman – Nez Perce The portrait on the square wall behind the restroom is of Joann Kauffman representing our elders. She is a... Read More